About Us

Metempsy is a company founded in 2014 by former Intel architects that provides Contract and Consulting Services in the context of Computer Architecture, Application Optimization and Silicon Design.

We have more than 15 years of experience in Computer Architecture and related topics, having worked for the Alpha Development team (Digital Equipment Corporation and Compaq) in the EV8 and EV9 microprocessors and for Intel in all the Intel Xeon Phi processors (KNF, KNC, KNL and KNH), and some of the Intel Itanium servers and Intel Xeon servers. We have a strong background in Architecture, Microarchitecture, Performance Modeling, Performance Validation, Bottleneck Analysis, Specification, RTL Design and Verification. 

At Metempsy, we can cover all the spectrum from helping you to define new IP features, document them, develop the right Performance Model and Performance Analysis Tools, gather Performance Data, to RTL Development, Performance Validation and Functional Verification.

  • Competitive Analysis: Benchmarking, Workload Analysis, Microarchitecture Reverse-Engineering, Glass-Jaw detection.
  • Performance: Modeling, Projection, Analysis and Validation.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization Tools: Data Gathering, Pipeline and Resource visualization and Performance Analysis tools.
  • Code Optimization and Acceleration: Code Modernization, Parallelization, Vectorization, Port to Accelerator-based Architectures.
  • Microarchitecture Development: Specification, RTL Development, FPGA Prototyping and Functional Verification.
  • System Software Development: Workload enabling, Firmware and Driver development for AARCH64 and x86 systems.